Collection: Forest School Waterproofs

When children explore the outdoors and learn with their peers, you’ll want to make sure they keep their clothes dry and clean. Well, you can do just that with our range of colourful forest school waterproofs. Whether they’re climbing trees, fishing, or jumping in puddles, you can ensure all clothes on children in the class are well looked after at all times.Also, with our range of colour-popping and eye-catching designs – including camouflage and animal print – the little ones in the class will be even more excited to wear them. Check out our fun forest school waterproof clothing below.
  • Forest school waterproof clothing

    Outdoor learning is a fantastic way to give children a new setting to learn in. It gives them a fun experience and a chance to have fun in the outdoors at the same time. Fun exercises can be had in forest schools that are just not possible in a standard classroom environment. Whatever your class will do in this outdoor learning environment, make sure they’re dry with our waterproofs!

  • Cleaning forest school clothes

    When parents pick up children from a forest school setting, they wouldn’t be too happy to see their children’s clothes soaked and covered in mud and grass stains - and possibly even a couple of rips! Instead, cover up each child in the class with a waterproof all-in-one to keep their clothing mess-free.

  • Easy to clean

    If you’ve just had a class of children playing in the forest, jumping in puddles and exploring, the chances of them being messy are high. This is where the easy-cleaning function of our forest school waterproofs comes in handy. Simply hose the outfits down and hang them up to dry. They’ll be back to normal in no time!

  • Forest school waterproofs at DUNK

    At DUNK Waterproofs, you can find a wide range of high-quality, super comfortable and colourful waterproofs for children. Ideal for all-day use in a variety of conditions, these all-in-one outfits will keep your child warm and dry as they navigate muddy puddles and much more.

If you have any questions about our range of waterproof all-in-ones, don’t hesitate to contact us.